VPN Speed Test - Which Is the Fastest?

Janis von Bleichert
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A VPN provider ensures that when surfing the web, you're always safe, regardless of where you physically are. However, the speed of a VPN server plays a big role in determining how useful a VPN provider is. Many VPN tests only assess the speed of a provider once. EXPERTE.com, however, tested every provider several times per day over the course of a year, creating a detailed picture of how each provider's servers perform and stack up against one another.



  • We connected from a server in Europe (Frankfurt/Main, Germany) and in the US to a VPN provider several times per day, downloading, or uploading standardized test data.
  • The server we connected from has a bandwidth of 1,000 MB/s, making the VPN server we connected to the limiting factor.
  • Using OpenVPN, we connected to various servers in Europe and the US, using UDP as transmission protocols.

Overall Result

The table below shows each VPN provider's average download and upload speeds. Using this table, you can limit results to the last week, month, or even 365 days.


Provider Results

The chart below shows how average speed develops from provider-to-provider. To view results for a particular provider, simply select their name from the drop-down list.

More information about the individual providers can be found in our comprehensive VPN evaluation.

Author: Janis von Bleichert
Janis von Bleichert studied business informatics at the TU Munich and computer science at the TU Berlin, Germany. He has been self-employed since 2006 and is the founder of EXPERTE.com. He writes about hosting, software and IT security.
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