IT-Security Tools

Not only private individuals, but also the self-employed and companies are increasingly exposed to the dangers of cybercrime. has developed various tools that you can use to check and improve the security of your website, your accounts and your passwords.

  • Password Checker
    With the Password Checker you can find out how secure your password is. We calculate how long a computer needs on average to crack the password. In addition, we check whether the password has been made public in the past through a data leak or a hacker attack.

  • Password Generator
    With the password generator you can easily create a secure password. The special thing about it is that we also check whether the password has been leaked in the past. Such a password should never be used again.

  • Browser Privacy Check
    With the Browser Privacy Check you can determine which traces you or your browser leave while surfing. The test is intended to raise awareness of which data can be used by websites and advertisers to create a profile of you or to track your activities across multiple pages.

  • VPN Leak Test
    A VPN is often used to hide your IP address to surf anonymously on the Internet. However, a wrong configuration by the user or the VPN software can lead to a leak of the original IP address or other sensitive information. The VPN Leak Test checks if your VPN configuration leaks sensitive information.

  • Internet Censorship Check
    In many countries of the world, governments block critical or unwanted websites. Prominent examples are China, Russia or Turkey. With the Internet Censorship Check you can find out whether a website is blocked in one of these countries.

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