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EXPERTE.com is the new site with tools & guides around the topic "digital transformation". EXPERTE.com enables self-employed people, freelancers, and small and medium-sized businesses to find suitable solutions for the challenges of digital transformation.

On this page we would like to introduce the people behind EXPERTE.com and how we work.


Andreas Hitzig

Andreas Hitzig is in charge of the IT department of a medium-sized company. He has also been a freelance IT author for more than two decades. He primarily writes about topics from the areas of Android and IT security, but also incorporates experiences from his everyday life into his articles.

Manuela Lenz

Manuela Lenz is a trained IT specialist and worked for 20 years as a system administrator and project manager for large companies. Since 2017, the IT specialist has been a passionate freelance author. She writes for EXPERTE.com about project management, software and IT security.

Carsten Podszun

Carsten Podszun studied computer science and business administration and worked for 15 years as a self-employed retail salesman. Since 2014 he is consultant for startups, freelance author and writes at EXPERTE.com about websites, hosting & IT security.

Martin Gschwentner

Martin Gschwentner studied American Studies and Media Studies in Germany, the USA and France and works as a freelance editor in Paris. He is a PhD student at the Institute for English and American Studies at the University of Paris Diderot and researches the influence of money on US politics. On EXPERTE.com he writes about IT security, data protection and software.

Janis von Bleichert

Janis von Bleichert studied business informatics at the TU Munich and computer science at the TU Berlin, Germany. He has been self-employed since 2006 and is the founder of EXPERTE.com. He writes about hosting, software and IT security.

Julia P. Manzau

Julia P. Manzau has more than 30 years of professional experience in leading editorial and marketing positions in the premium automotive, mechanical engineering, and healthcare industries. She studied Political Science and History in Bonn, Marketing at the St. Galler Business School and earned a BA in Media Engineering (CCI). Since 2015, she has worked as a freelance writer. For EXPERTE.com, she focuses on software, the Internet, and marketing.

Stefan Luber

Stefan Luber is a graduate engineer in communications engineering, freelance IT consultant, copywriter and technical editor with over 20 years of professional experience. On EXPERTE.com he writes about hosting and business software.

Silvia Benetti

After her studies in physical engineering, Silvia Benetti was active in the development of wind turbines. She has been writing about technical subjects as a freelance author for several years. Her focus areas include IT, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and renewable energies.

André Bartsch

André Bartsch is a certified technical writer. He has worked in IT for 12 years in the areas of speech recognition and business process software. Since 2020, he has been self-employed as an author, copywriter and editor. His focus is on software, internet and online marketing.

Many other authors have written articles for EXPERTE.com.

  • Carsten Icks
  • Daniela Berg
  • Frank Vogelsang
  • Jonathan Kraske
  • Manuel Brandt
  • Robert Merkel
  • Sabine Schumacher
  • Stephanie Kolbe
  • Thomas Heindl
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