Business Software

Business software helps you make the right decisions when planning and controlling projects, customers and employees. Whether project management software, CRM tools or backup solutions - with you will find the right tool for your requirements.

Project Management

Time and again, projects make the headlines that have run into difficulties and where either the costs or the time have been excessively overrun. Alternatively, there are also those where the responsible parties simply could not achieve the goals. Project management software helps you or your company to keep track of the planning, management and control of projects.

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with the visitors to your website or store is a no-brainer, especially if there's a chance that you can convert the former into the latter. To go about doing this, by optimizing your newsletter, you'll need a solid email marketing tool. In our email marketing software comparison, we've taken a closer look at twelve of the most well-known and reputable providers on the market.

Language Learning

Learning a new language is an investment. The future is polyglot - and of course there are a lot of apps and programs that show the way. Each online language course has a different selection of languages and follows a different concept. We have tested the most important ones for you and show you where their strengths and weaknesses lie.