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Website Tools

The first impression and the figurehead of a company is its own website. has developed multiple online tools to ensure that your website is always fast and secure and your customers are happy.

PageSpeed Test
With the Bulk PageSpeed Test you can automatically determine the websites speed for a large number of pages. A high PageSpeed not only ensures more satisfied visitors, but has also become a ranking factor on Google. With our tool you can find slow subpages on your site or you can compare your site with those of your competitors.

Mobile Friendly Test
With the Bulk Mobile Friendly Test you can check if all your (sub) pages are optimized for mobile devices. Instead of just checking the homepage, our tool crawls the whole website and checks up to 500 subpages.

SSL Check
With the SSL Check you can determine how secure your SSL certificate and the security configuration of your website is. We check your SSL certificate for validity, used protocols and known security vulnerabilities and additionally determine the HTTP Security Header of your site.

DNS Check
The DNS Check automatically determines the most important DNS entries of a domain and displays them clearly. In addition to the classic DNS entries, the DNS check also checks whether security features such as DNSSEC or DANE are used and whether e-mail validations such as SPF or DMARC are activated.

IT-Security Tools

Not only private individuals, but also the self-employed and companies are increasingly exposed to the dangers of cybercrime. has developed various tools that you can use to check and improve the security of your website, your accounts and your passwords.

Password Check
With the Password Check you can find out how secure your password is. We calculate how long a computer needs on average to crack the password. In addition, we check whether the password has been made public in the past through a data leak or a hacker attack.

Browser Privacy Check
With the Browser Privacy Check you can determine which traces you or your browser leave while surfing. The test is intended to raise awareness of which data can be used by websites and advertisers to create a profile of you or to track your activities across multiple pages.

Security Check
With the Website Security Check you can determine how secure your website is. For example, we check whether malware was found on your website, whether your site appears on blacklists, how secure your SSL certificate is or whether you use the correct HTTP security headers. A complete list of all security checks can be found in the next section.

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