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Wix Pricing: How Much Does a Wix Website Cost?

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Website builders make creating a website not only easy but also affordable. One of the most popular solutions is Wix.'s review winner stands out with its many features, intuitive interface, and great value for money. But, not every Wix website costs the same.

We took a closer look at Wix's plans, premium extras, and possible hidden costs to let you know how much you can expect to pay for a Wix website.

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How Much Does a Wix Website Cost?

Here's everything you need to know about Wix costs at a glance:

  • Wix offers four premium plans and a free option. A website costs between $0 and $172 per month, depending on your plan.

  • The cheapest premium plan with a custom domain costs $12 per month (when booked for three years).

  • Basic ecommerce features are available starting with a Core subscription ($21 - $36 per month, depending on the billing cycle).

  • Wix subscriptions are charged monthly, yearly, every two years, or every three years. The longer the billing cycle, the lower the monthly rate.

  • Wix's free plan is only suitable for hobby projects since it doesn't allow custom domains.

What Premium Plans Does Wix Offer?

Wix has simplified its plan structure: Instead of numerous website and ecommerce plans, there are now only four premium subscriptions with different features and resources. All are ad-free and include a free domain for the first year.

Monthly costs depend on your billing cycle: You can pay for your Wix subscription monthly, yearly, every two years, or three years with longer-term plans being slightly cheaper.

  • Light ($12 - $24 per month)
    Wix's cheapest plan provides access to all basic building features. Storage is limited to 2 GB and you can add up to two staff accounts.

  • Core ($21 - $36 per month)
    In addition to more staff accounts (5) and storage (50 GB), this plan includes more features, such as basic site analytics, a marketing suite, and basic ecommerce tools.

  • Business ($26 - $43 per month)
    The Business plan comes with advanced ecommerce features, such as multiple currencies (primary + 5) and unlimited "back in stock" notifications. It also includes 100 GB of storage, 10 staff accounts, standard marketing tools, and standard site analytics.

  • Business Elite ($110 - $172 per month)
    This plan is interesting for larger stores and websites that want to scale. It offers unlimited storage and advanced marketing, site analytics, and ecommerce features, as well as 15 staff accounts.

You can find an overview of all Wix plans with current prices here:

Monthly Price $0.00 from $14.00 from $17.00
Contract Period (Months) 0 1 - 24 1 - 36
Space (GB) 0.5 2 20
Pages unlimited unlimited unlimited
Traffic (GB) 1 unlimited unlimited
Custom Domain
Domains Included 0 1 1
Free of Ads
SSL Encryption
Multilingual Sites

What Does Wix's Free Plan Include?

Apart from its premium subscriptions, Wix also offers a free plan. With it, you can create and publish a website on Wix's servers at no cost.

However, there are some limitations: Since your website will be bound to a Wix subdomain and will display ads, this plan is only an option for hobby or private projects - not professional websites.

Here are Wix's free plan's main disadvantages:

  • Tied to a Wix subdomain
    You cannot link your free website to a custom domain and must use a Wix subdomain. Your website will appear under the unattractive subdomain

  • Wix ads
    Your free hosted website displays ads for Wix, which look unprofessional.

  • Strict resource limits
    The free plan limits you to 500 MB of storage space and 500 MB of bandwidth, both of which are only enough for small projects.

  • Missing features
    Many features, including site analytics, as well as ecommerce and marketing features, are either completely missing or severely limited.

Does Wix Have Hidden Costs?

If you look closely, Wix costs shouldn't surprise you, but there are a few grey areas that could lead to misunderstandings:

  • Offers are temporary
    Wix often attracts customers with special offers. However, these discounts are usually limited to one year. Keep this in mind to avoid surprises when your fees increase after 12 months.

  • Wix advertises lower rates
    The rates shown in Wix's price calculator usually include the discount for an annual contract. Monthly contracts cost significantly more.

  • You're charged for a domain after the first year

    Don't get used to having a free domain: This only applies to the first year. After that, you must pay an annual fee for your domain.

  • Apps may cost extra

    You can find some free apps in Wix's App Market, but many are premium only. Even free apps might charge to use certain features.

  • Contracts renew automatically

  • Wix's subscriptions automatically renew. If you want to stop using Wix or only try it for a specific period, remember to cancel in time.

How Expensive Is Wix Compared to Other Providers?

Comparing the prices of different website builders is difficult because each offers various plans with different contract lengths, discounts, and special offers. For our comparison, we use the cheapest, annually charged, ad-free plan that includes a custom domain.

Here are the results:

yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
yearly price
Website Basic
yearly price
yearly price

Among the 12 platforms we tested, Wix is one of the most expensive. However, there are frequent sales and discounts, so you can usually save money in the first year.

More Questions & Answers

Is it easy to switch between Wix plans?

Yes: Upgrading and downgrading a Wix subscription is easy. But, you cannot change your contract's length. To switch to a different plan, go to the "Premium Subscriptions" area of your Wix account.

Does Wix include a custom email address?

No: Wix's premium plans do not include custom email addresses. Wix uses Google Workspace to manage account mailboxes with each email account costing around $5 extra per month.

Can you pay monthly?

Yes, but the monthly plans are much more expensive than the 1- and 2-year plans. Since websites are usually long-term projects, monthly payments are rarely worth it.

Is there a free trial version of WIx?

Wix offers a basic free version that ties your website to a Wix subdomain and includes ads. There is no traditional trial version of the premium plans.


How much your Wix website costs depends on your plan, subscription length, and extras, as well as which extensions you purchase in the App Market.

The most affordable premium plan will set you back around $17 per month (yearly payment), while an online store costs $29 per month (yearly payment). Wix does offer a free plan, but this ties your website to a Wix subdomain.

Overall, Wix isn't among the cheapest website builders we reviewed, but it does provide one of the most comprehensive feature packages on the market.

If you're unsure whether Wix is the right choice, you might want to check out our list of the best alternatives. It includes detailed reviews of Wix and 11 other solutions from our comprehensive website builder comparison.

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