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Spam Checker - Email Deliverability Test

If business emails or newsletters end up in the spam folder, this causes bad reputation and lost business opportunities. With the EXPERTE.com Spam Checker you can check how spam filters rate your email, in which Inbox Gmail places it and how you can optimize your deliverability.

What Will Be Tested?

  • SpamAssassin Score
    SpamAssassin is a widely used spam filter that assigns a spam score of 0-10 to each email. We check your email with SpamAssassin and show you which issues were detected.

  • Gmail Spam Filter
    Google Gmail is the most widely used email provider in the world. It is therefore elementary that an email is not classified as spam by Gmail. Our Spam Checker tests whether your email ends up in the spam filter or in the inbox at Gmail.

  • Gmail Inbox
    Gmail divides the inbox into 5 different categories (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums). Only if your email lands in the first category, the recipient will see it directly. Our tool shows you in which category your email has been placed by Gmail.

  • SPF
    If you send the email using your own domain, be sure to create a valid SPF record to increase deliverability. The records shows the recipient that you are authorized to send an email with this domain. Our Spam Check verifies if there is a valid SPF record.

  • DKIM
    DKIM also helps to increase deliverability by adding a digital signature to the email. Our tool checks whether a valid DKIM record exists.

How To Use

  • Send email to test address
    If you want to test an email or newsletter, send it to the test address above. This test address is individually generated for you.

  • Email is checked
    As soon as we receive the email, we check the spam score, Gmail Inbox, SPF record and DKIM. This check takes about 20-30 seconds.

  • Get Spam Checker Report
    After you have sent the email to the test address, please click on View results. There you will receive your spam report after 20-30 seconds.


Are the emails stored?

We store the emails only for a short time to create the spam report. All data is deleted after a maximum of 24 hours. We never use the data for commercial or promotional purposes.

How can I improve my deliverability?
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