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You want to reach someone by email, but don't know the exact email address? With the Email Finder you can find the right email address, even if you only know the name and the company. The Email Finder tries all possible permutations and tests if the addresses are valid.

How Does the Email Finder Work?

To find the right email address, we perform the following steps:

Generate emails
From the first and last name we generate the most common permutations:

  • ...

Validate emails
In the second step, we check each permutation to see if it is a valid email address. To do this, we connect to the mail server and simulate sending an email.


For the name Elon Musk and the company domain you get the following result:


Why do I get the status "Unknown" for some addresses?
Some companies have configured their mail server to respond positively to every email address. In this case, unfortunately, we cannot determine whether it is a valid or invalid email address.

Is an email sent by the Email Finder?
No, the Email Finder does not send any emails.

Are the entered names, domains and email addresses stored?
No, we do not store any of the requested data.

How can I verify a specific email address?
Please use our free Email Verifier for this purpose.

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