WebRTC Leak Test

WebRTC Leak Test - Is Your Private IP Leaking?

A VPN is often used to hide your IP address in order to surf anonymously on the Internet. However, a wrong configuration by the user or the VPN software can lead to a leak of the original IP address or other sensitive information. The EXPERTE.com WebRTC Leak Test checks whether your private IP address becomes public due to a WebRTC leak.

Note: For the test to produce meaningful results, you must be connected to a VPN.

What is a WebRTC Leak?

WebRTC is a protocol that enables communication between two computers. This allows video conferences or data transmissions to take place in the browser.

To establish a connection with another computer, information about the IP addresses must be exchanged. In some browsers it is now possible to read the local and public IP of the user via JavaScript. A prepared website could thus find out your original IP address, even though you are connected to a VPN.

What Information Is Leaked?

Through a WebRTC leak, a website operator learns your private IP address. If you use a VPN to be anonymous on the Internet, this protection is undermined.

How Do I Prevent a WebRTC Leak?

The easiest way to prevent a WebRTC leak is to disable WebRTC in your browser. You can do this either in your browser settings or via a browser extension.

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