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Internet Censorship Check

Around the world, a number of governments block critical or undesirable websites. Prominent examples include China, Russia, and Turkey. With the EXPERTE.com Internet Censorship Check you can find out whether a website is blocked in any of these countries.

Simply enter the desired website in the field above and click on Start Test. Using its servers based in China, Russia, and Turkey, EXPERTE.com will then try to connect to the website you've entered. Please note that the test can take up to 15 seconds.


Here are some examples of websites that are blocked in one or more of the countries above.

WebsiteBlocked in


🇨🇳China 🇹🇷Turkey


🇨🇳China 🇹🇷Turkey


🇨🇳China 🇹🇷Turkey





How It Works

To ensure that the check is accurate, EXPERTE.com uses its servers in China, Russia, and Turkey. When you query us to check a specific website, we send the URL to each of these servers and try to establish a connection from within that country to the website.

If the page is not accessible from the servers, its status will be noted as Blocked.

For control purposes we also check the website from servers in the US, Germany, and Hong Kong. If the site is not accessible from these locations, the requested website might be experiencing technical difficulties.

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