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Technology Check: Which Software Is a Website Using?

Ever want to know which software a website is making use of? How about what the most popular shop systems are? Or maybe, which Javascript framework is in fashion at the moment? To answer all of these questions (and more), we regularly evaluate more than 5 million domains, creating a database of the most popular web technology in the process.

The best part? You can use and even download our findings, for free! For example, if you're running an Ecommerce agency, you can generate leads by downloading a list of all domains that use Shopify. Or maybe you're on the prowl for new webstore software? Then, look no further than the most popular Ecommerce solutions.

Our technology check is capable of filling the following requests:

  • Technology by Domain
    Simply enter the desired domain and you'll receive a list of all technology it's using.

  • Technology by Usage
    Select a type of technology and find out how its usage has developed over the past decade. You can also download a list of all domains that utilize a specific technology.
    Examples: React vs. Vue.js vs. Angular

  • Technology by Category
    Still undecided about which technology you'd like to deploy on your site? With our tool, you can check which has the largest market share, helping to make a more informed decision about which is best.
    Examples: most popular CDN, most popular CMS


How does the Technology Check work?

We crawl more than 5 million of the most popular domains for information relating to which technologies they are making use of. To do this, we assess the source code, DNS entries, JavaScript files, HTTP headers, and more.

How often is your data updated?

We update our index once per month.

Which domains do you check?

We check more than 5 million domains, sorted by their visitor numbers and backlinks, while removing spam entries.

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Janis von Bleichert studied business informatics at the TU Munich and computer science at the TU Berlin, Germany. He has been self-employed since 2006 and is the founder of He writes about hosting, software and IT security.
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