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MX Lookup: Check the Mail Server of A Domain

With's MX Lookup you can quickly and easily check a domain's mail server entries. To get started, simply enter the desired domain in the uppermost field.

After that, you'll receive a table showing all of the domain's MX entries.

MX Entry - Structure

An MX entry shows which (sub) domain the mail server of a particular (sub) domain is available on. This is necessary to make sure that emails are sent to the correct server, such as as opposed to

MX entries are composed of the following elements:






Determines the entry's priority (entries with a lower value have more priority)

Mail Server

Name of the mail server


Time to live (how long the entry should remain in the cache)

MX Lookup - Process

In order to send an email to, you'll need to follow the steps below:

  • 1.

    The sender queries's MX entries via our tool and receives:


  • 2.

    The sender selects the A entry for the mail server with the highest priority ( and receives the following IP address:

  • 3.

    The sender dispatches the email and the IP address received in Step 2. Should this return an error message, the sender can try the second mail server.

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