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Color Contrast Checker - Is My Site Accessible?

With's Color Contrast Checker, elements on your website that have insufficient color contrast will be identified. The tool automatically crawls your website and checks all visible elements according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, ensuring that those with visual impairments can also use your site without any issues.

How Does the Color Contrast Checker Work?

The Color Contrast Checker tests up to 500 subpages of your website and checks whether the contrast ratio of text to background is sufficient for each visible HTML element. According to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, these are:

  • Large text
    Text with a minimum size of 18px requires a contrast ratio of 3:1

  • Small text
    Text with a size of less than 18px requires a contrast ratio of 4.5:1

How Do I Use the Color Contrast Checker?

Our tool can be used in two different ways:

  • Crawl website
    You specify the start URL and we crawl the website to find more URLs. On each subpage, we search for elements with insufficient contrast.

  • URL list
    You submit a list of URLs, and we check the color contrast for each.

You can also choose what type of test you want to perform:

  • Color contrast check
    In this mode, we only check the color contrast of the pages.

  • Full accessibility test
    In this mode, we perform a full accessibility test, in which 40 additional features are checked in addition to color contrast.


What does website accessibility mean?

An accessible website is one that is designed so that those with visual or hearing impairments can use it without restrictions. For example, this ensures that all site elements have sufficient color contrast, i.e. the text color differs sufficiently enough from the background color.

Why should my website have sufficient color contrast?

Text on a background with a low contrast ratio is often difficult to read. This does not only negatively impact those with visual impairments, it actually inconveniences all users. One example is reading text on a cell phone outside on a sunny day.

How does the Color Contrast Checker work?

After entering a URL, the Color Contrast Checker crawls your website and examines each subpage for sufficient contrast. The test is based on Lighthouse, an open-source tool that can check up to 500 URLs.

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