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Bulk Mobile Friendly Test - Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

With the Bulk Mobile Friendly Test you can check if all your (sub) pages are optimized for mobile devices. Instead of just checking the homepage, our tool crawls the whole website and checks up to 500 subpages.

How to Use

Our Mobile Friendly Test offers 3 different modes:

Crawl website
You set the start URL and we crawl the web page to find more URLs. Crawling is limited to 60s and 500 URLs.

URL List
You send a list of URLs for which we then determine the mobile friendliness.

You define a keyword for which we determine the Top 50 results at We then determine the mobile friendliness for each URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mobile Friendly mean?
Mobile Friendly means that your site is displayed properly on a mobile device. This includes, among other things, that the user does not have to zoom, that the page does not protrude sideways and that the elements are of sufficient size.

How reliable is the data?
The Mobile Friendly Test uses the same data as the well-known Google Mobile Friendly Test. Therefore the results are 100% comparable.

What are the limits of the tool?
In order to prevent abusive use, we currently limit the crawling time to 60s or 500 URLs. The number of URLs per keyword is limited to 50. We reserve the right to adjust these limits at any time.

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